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We know first-hand how exhausting teaching can be. You are in the trenches every day, preparing lessons, loving countless children, tending to paper work, constantly working to meet the needs of your students, school, and state requirements. In addition, you have your own family to care for. At Wiggle Genius, we want to make it easy for you to learn how to implement movement in your classroom with as little preparation and time as possible. Check out the sections below for lesson plans, rubrics, video tutorials, and extra resources. Videos are short so you can learn more about Wiggle Genius and quickly get back to teaching, your family, or just living life! 

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Lesson Plans

You may be thinking to yourself, "How do I get started?" We have everything you need! 

With over 45 lesson plans, categorized by grade, your students will love Wiggle Genius and love you! Browse the lesson plans by clicking the button below. 

Video Tutorials

Still not convinced? Here are video tutorials to get you started. Short and to the point, these videos help you to understand Wiggle Genius so you can implement the plans in your class with little preparation. Click the button below!


How will you know your lessons are effective? Confused about how to measure student growth? This section includes rubrics to formatively and summatively assess both yourself and student learning. 

Contributors and Partners

Wiggle Genius was created in response to and in collaboration with a varied and large collective of K12 colleagues in a diversity of learning populations and distinct school districts over an extended period of time.  Through a diverse group of collaborators, Wiggle Genius offers the perspectives, expertise, and experiences of hundreds of master teachers. 


All of the items on this page are for you! Whether you are looking for documents on advocacy and how to convince your peers and administrators to incorporate Wiggle Genius into your schools, lesson plan ideas, or inspiration for yourself on those long days...it's all here! Check out this page for everything you need in your classroom!

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Julie Hammond White

Full Professor, Department of Dance

University of Southern Mississippi

Mississippi Arts Commission Teaching Artist

Mississippi Alliance for Arts Education Teaching Artist

Mississippi Dance Festival Co-Founder & Education Director

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University K12 Licensure Supervisor