Defined assessment measures are the essential partner to clearly stated objectives.  They balance and reference one another and are integral not only in evaluating success, but guiding instruction in an arts integrated lesson.  The rubrics listed below can help you formatively and summatively assess your own progress in independent integrated dance instruction, as well as your students’ learning in this type of class.  Assessment also provides valuable data to help you share student successes and advocate for the impact of arts integration in measurable terms.


Rubric for Grading Students in Integrated Dance Lessons (doc)


JODE Article -- Advocacy for Asssessment in Dance (docx)


National Core Arts Standards in Dance -- Assessment Sample Grade 2 (Creating) (pdf)


Rubric for Reflective Journals (doc)


Rubric for Self-Assessment in Instruction of Integrated Dance (docx)


Rubric for Writing Integrated Dance Lesson Plans (doc)


Wiggle Genius on Assessment (docx)


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